Stumbling across a SF hackerspace introduced me to a whole new world of DIY thinking and a Maker community. Previously, adaptive technologies - which expanded and enriched the lives of the disabled persons I worked with - were magic, incomprehensible, and expensive solutions that I strove to get funding for. Now, I was introduced to a fascinating world of learning the tools to actually help build such creative solutions.

I’m passionate about learning code and electronics/IoT to be help make answers to problems. As well as art.

Previous to that, I’ve worked as a project manager developing resources for persons with developmental disabilities, and as an EMT/paramedic following the 9/11 disasters.


I like to make smart art, using wood, metal, glass and electronics and microcontrollers. My tools include the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Javascript ecosystem, woodworking and metalworking tools.

I also enjoy long-distance bicycle touring, backpacking, and trail running.

Love my Surly

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