AWS Certified Solutions Architect - passed!

Today I successfully passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam - it was a quite difficult exam to take!

This is a description of what the test entailed:

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is intended for individuals with experience designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform.



This was the second time that I took the test - the first time was back in January of this year. That time, I’d focused mostly on studying the whitepapers (technical documents that Amazon provides), and reading books - in short, mostly striving to understand it from a theoretical perspective. What I quickly learned, however, is that the test is focused pretty heavily on scenario-based questions, and in my opinion that can only really come from getting your hands dirty and really understanding the AWS cloud concepts and services very intimately through hands-on practice.

So this time, I went through the course taught by ‘A Cloud Guru’, took notes, and spent a lot of time actually putting what I learned into practice. I built EC2 instances, and then killed them off. I built Ubuntu and Linux servers, Windows instances, spun up S3 buckets, replicated them, linked them to EC2 instances, and put them all behind load-balancers and within a local networked instance - a VPC. I learned to SSH into my instances, configure them, and gradually became comfortable with understanding not only the power of all that AWS cloud services provide, but with working with them. As a developer, I find it really interesting in being able to leverage the power of Amazon’s infrastructure for amazing new possibilities!