Updating Content-Type in Uploaded S3 HTML file

Using the AWS docs, I was able to successfully upload an html document to my s3 bucket, but when I attempted to open that file from the bucket, it would only download the uploaded file. Not what I wanted - I was expected to view the page in the browser.

What I learned is that the default that AWS sets for uploaded files (and I believe that’s across the board) is of the MIME type ‘application/octet-stream’. In order to set the correct Content-Type of ‘text/html’, list of MIME types, I added the ContentType property as the key within the AWS params, like so:

var params = { Bucket: ‘', Body : fs.createReadStream(file), Key : path.basename(file), ContentType:'text/html' };

Those params are used within the s3.upload method, and with that change, the file opens correctly.